Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Sausages 2024

This big breakfast with hotcakes and sausages is a combo meal of sweet and savoury flavours. You can have hashbrowns, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits, Sausage Patties, and Hotcakes with surgery syrup.

If you want and love to eat healthy breakfast then this could be the best option for you in the McDonald’s breakfast menu. 

Big Breakfast with Hotcakes

Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Sausages Price

The Hotcakes and sausage Big meal is a combination of food you can enjoy both savory and Sweet  flavors. You can have them all in just ₱435.38 without breaking your pocket. The full meal has 1340 calories which is good to start an active morning.  

Hotcakes and Sausage Ingredients

If you are a McDonald’s lover then you would love to know the secret ingredient of Big breakfast meal. Let’s uncover these ingredient, now you can make your own big meal at home and enjoy!

2Scrambled Eggs
4Hotcake Syrup
5Sausage Patties
7Salted Whipped Butter
8Clarified Butter
9Salted Butter
Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Sausages Ingredients

Nutritional Details

The nutritional details of any food and meal help you to decide your calorie intake. It also helps you to successfully choose your diet if you are diet-conscious. Mcdonald’s Gives details of each and every ingredient and nutritional information used in its food. So, let’s uncover the Nutritional value of Big Breakfast in the following table.

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Calories1340 Cal
Total fat 63 g80%
Saturated fat 24g122%
Total carbs 158g58%
Cholesterol 525mg175%
Sodium 2070mg90%
Vitamin D 2mcg15%
Calcium 280mg20%
Iron 7.5mg40%
Dietary Fiber 5g19%
Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Sausages Nutritional Details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The calories in the hotcakes and sausages are 564; however, the full big breakfast of hotcakes and sausages has 1340 Cal. 

The hotcakes and sausages at McDonald’s with a premium cup of coffee have 740 Cal. 

Sausages are made with different meats throughout the countries. For example, in the US, they are mostly made with pork, and in the Philippines, they are made with beef. 

Inside the McDonald’s hotcakes, there is all-purpose flour, sugar, and eggs; for more flavor maple syrup and butter are added on the top. 


For all food lovers, McDonald’s is heaven; in this heaven, the big breakfast with hotcakes and sausage is love for many people. This meal is a combo of sausages, hotcakes, hashbrowns, biscuits, and scrumbles egg, which is a complete meal. It has 1340, which is good to start a healthy and active morning. You can enjoy it with a cup of premium coffee at any nearby McDonald’s shop.

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