Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Bacon

If you want to warm your morning with a savory and sweet taste, then McDonald’s Big Breakfast with hotcakes and Bacon must be your choice. It satisfies both sweet and savory tastes in one meal and has enough calories to give a boose in the morning time. 

Hotcakes and Bacon

Hotcakes and Bacon Price and Calories

The price of this big breakfast is ₱467 which is reasonable and pocket-friendly. You can enjoy this Hotcakes and Bacon breakfast from any location in the morning time 6 A.M till 11 A.M. This Big breakfast carries 1300 calories which are good to give your morning a boost of energy and keep you active throughout the day. 

Hotcakes and Bacon

Big Breakfast with Bacon and Hotcakes Ingredients:

If you want to try this big breakfast at home, then here are the secret ingredients of Mcdonald’s Big Breakfast. 

1HotcakesWheat, eggs, butter, soy
2Scrumbles eggEggs, Citric acid
3BiscuitsWheat, Milk, Soy
4HashBrownPotatoes, Vegetable Oil, Beef Flavors, all-purpose flour
5hick Cut Applewood Smoked BaconPork Bellies Cured With Water, Sugar, salt, sodium nitrite, and natural smoke flavor

Nutritional Details: 

Nutritional details of any meal will help you to decide whether this meal is healthy or not for you. So let’s read deeply about the nutritional details in the below table.

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Total fat 56 g72%
Saturated fat 22g111%
Total carbs 159g58%
Cholesterol 515mg172%
Sodium 2220mg97%
Vitamin D 2mcg15%
Calcium 270mg20%
Iron 7.5mg40%
Big Breakfast with Hotcakes and Bacon Nutritional Details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the big breakfast with bacon and Hotcakes come with?

This big breakfast comes with both sweet and savory tastes you can have sweet hotcakes and savory bacon on the same plate. 

What is the big breakfast at McDonald’s called?

Any full-meal breakfast at McDonald’s is called a big breakfast. Which is enough to cover your one-time meal. 

What happened to McDonald’s Big Breakfast?

Some of the shops of McDonald’s stopped selling big breakfasts and removed them from their menu. 

Is a big breakfast with Hotcakes healthy?

Some nutritionist considers hotcakes as one of the unhealthy breakfasts for weight loss. Other it is a healthy one. But if you want to cut down weight go for yogurt, oatmeal, and other things. 


A big breakfast at McDonald’s is also called a big meal because it covers a full meal of calories. This hotcakes and bacon breakfast has around 1300 calories and comes in ₱467. If you want a healthy breakfast, then this one would be your choice to kickstart your hectic day. You can also go to the breakfast menu for further choices. 

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