McCafe Menu Best In Philippines 2024 Mcdonalds McCafe Menu Updated

In Mcdo Menu the McDonald’s McCafe’s menu prices are so budget-friendly that everyone wants to start his day with their vast range of coffee, drinks, teas, pastries, and beverages.

Macdonald’s Coffeehouse is well known as Mccoffe all around the world and Mc Cafe Menu Philippine is also gaining popularity with time.

McCafe Menu

McCafe Menu Prices

The McCafe offers a wide range of Coffe, teas, iced coffee, beverages, pastries, ice cream, and also some savoury food like sausage & egg desayuno, or Ham and egg desayuno for breakfast which is served with garlic bread or rice.

In Mcfreeze you can enjoy their chilled shakes or ice cream.  You can Wonderful experience with your heartier breakfast and freshly made Espresso or cappuccino with the classic ambience.

My Top 3 Specials at McCafe Menu

Macdonald’s Coffeehouse is well known as Mccoffe all around the world and McCafe Philippine is also gaining popularity with time.  has a wide range of coffee, drinks, pastries, and other savoury food including the Frappe, shakes, iced coffee, drinks, teas, and many more.

Though all the products of McCafe have its delectable fLavour. I try almost all available products available in Mcdonald’s Philippine Restaurants, which makes me able to choose the top 3 specials at McCafe.

  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • McCafé Latte Frappe
  • McCafé Premium Hot Chocolate

Some more products like MC Frappe, iced coffee, shakes, teas, and savoury food also high-quality food which are quite enough to start a good day!

Mcdonald’s Coffee Menu

Mccafé Menu Philippines has a wide variety of freshly made coffee. You can easily avail coffee from Mccafe Americano to classic McCafé Latte Frappe at Mcdo coffeehouse and enjoy your coffee with the relaxing ambience.

NOMenu ItemsSizePricesCalories
1McCafé AmericanoS₱120 0 Cal
2McCafé AmericanoR₱1355 Cal
3McCafé AmericanoL₱1358 Cal
4McCafé Capuccino₱130119 Cal
5McCafé Espresso₱80 – ₱190201 Cal
6McCafé Cafe LatteS₱160 140 Cal
7McCafé Cafe LatteR₱130150 Cal
8McCafé Cafe LatteL₱145182 Cal
9McCafé Macchiato₱95400 Cal
10McCafé Premium Hot ChocolateS₱130370 Cal
11McCafé Premium Hot ChocolateR₱145440 Cal
12McCafé Premium Hot ChocolateL₱160542 Cal
13McCafé Iced MochaS₱140139 Cal
14McCafé Iced MochaR₱155290 Cal
15McCafé Iced MochaL₱170450 Cal
16McCafé Iced AmericanoS₱125170 Cal
17McCafé Iced AmericanoL₱140190 Cal
18McCafé Iced AmericanoM₱155210 Cal
19McCafé Iced Latte₱132143 Cal
20McCafé Iced Double Choco FrappeS₱13016Oz-251 Cal
21McCafé Iced Double Choco FrappeR₱15022oz-320 Cal
22McCafé Caramel FrappeS₱13512 oz-92 Cal
23McCafé Caramel FrappeR₱150160z-112 Cal
24McCafé Caramel FrappeL₱18022Oz-131 Cal
25McCafé Mocha FrappeR₱140241 Cal
26McCafé Mocha FrappeL₱150480 Cal
27McCafé Latte FrappeS₱130194 Cal
28McCafé Latte FrappeR₱140143 Cal
29McCafé Latte FrappeL₱150243 Cal
30McCafé Strawberry SmoothieR₱120201 Cal
31McCafé Strawberry SmoothieL₱130220 Cal
32Blueberry Cheesecake₱135470 Cal
33Dark Chocolate Cake₱120489 Cal
34Oreo Cheesecake₱35497 Cal
35Chocolate Chip Cookie₱80283 Cal
McCafe Menu Coffee

Mcdo Iced Coffee Price

Mcdo iced coffee price is convenient and budget-friendly for everyone and most people enjoy it on the hot summer days in the Philippines. You can enjoy various varieties of iced coffee including Inced Americano, Iced chocolate, Iced Mocha, and iced latte. 

NoItemPrice (₱)Calories(kcal)Size
1Iced Americano Small1255 CalSmall
2Iced Latte Small13090 CalSmall
3Iced Chocolate Regular145233 CalRegular
4Iced Americano Regular1408 CalRegular
5Iced Mocha Small140280 CalSmall
6Iced Latte Regular145120 CalRegular
7Iced Chocolate Large160557 CalLarge
8Iced Americano Large15510 CalLarge
9Iced Mocha Regular155380 CalRegular
10Iced Latte Large160143 CalLarge
11Iced Mocha Large170490 CalLarge
McCafe Menu Iced Coffee

Mcdonald’s Frappe Price

The Frappes at McDonald’s come in various price ranges and you can enjoy a long list of frappes available at McDonalds. The Macdonald’s Frappe prices range from 120-  190 and it mostly depends on the flavor you choose. 

NoItemPrice (₱)CaloriesSize
1Latte Frappe Medium120194 CalMedium
2Mocha Frappe Medium130430 CalMedium
3Strawberry Oreo Frappe Medium130550 CalMedium
4Caramel Frappe Medium130490 CalMedium
5Mocha Frappe Large140590 CalLarge
6Strawberry Oreo Frappe Large140670 CalLarge
7Caramel Frappe Large140670 CalLarge
8Mocha Frappe Medium140510 CalMedium
9Double Choco Frappe Medium135480 CalMedium
10Caramel Oreo Frappe Medium140650 CalMedium
11Latte Frappe Large130243 CalLarge
12Double Choco Frappe Large145486 CalLarge
13Caramel Oreo Frappe Large150870 CalLarge
14Caramel Frappe Small150420 CalSmall
15Caramel Oreo Frappe Small160550 CalSmall
16Mocha Oreo Frappe Small160550 CalSmall
17Mocha Oreo Frappe Large190850 CalLarge
18Double Choco Frappe Small155486 CalSmall
19Dbl Choco Frappe Large185486 CalLarge
McDonald’s McCafe Menu Frappe

Mcdonald’s Hot Drinks

Macdonald’s hot drinks are very popular all around the world due to their specified flavour and taste. You can enjoy the Hot cup of Expresso or Mocha in the soothing environment at their coffeehouse or you can order Mcdo Online to get it at your doorstep.

NoItemPrice (₱)CaloriesSize
1Espresso₱809 Cal
2Macchiato₱8050 Cal
3Americano Small₱900 CalSmall
4Americano Regular₱1355 CalRegular
5Americano Large₱1008 CalLarge
6Cappuccino Small₱95113 CalSmall
7Cappuccino Regular₱145151 CalRegular
8Cappuccino Large₱160179 CalLarge
9Café Latte Small₱95101 CalSmall
10Café Latte Regular₱145135 CalRegular
11Café Latte Large₱105160 CalLarge
12Flat White Small₱9548 CalSmall
13Flat White Regular₱14578 CalRegular
14Flat White Large₱105111 CalLarge
15Premium Hot Chocolate Small₱130210 CalSmall
16Premium Hot Chocolate Regular₱145432 CalRegular
17Premium Hot Chocolate Large₱160720 CalLarge
18Iced Chocolate Small₱13095 CalSmall
19Cappuccino Medium₱105209 CalMedium
20Mochaccino Small₱105197 CalSmall
21Mochaccino Large₱115296 CalLarge
McDonald’s McCafe Menu Hot Drinks

Pastries Menu

Though the Mccafe is famous for its coffees and drinks you can enjoy a huge variety of pastries and breakfast items you can have your full breakfast at Mc Cafe coffeehouse from cupcakes, and cheesy wraps to freshly baked caramel cinnamon bun you can enjoy them with a cup of Hot drink and enjoy it. 

NoItemPrice (₱)CaloriesSize
1Chocolate Chip Cookie₱80448 Cal
2Chocolate Chip Banana Slice₱85158 Cal
3Caramel Cinnamon Bun₱110770 Cal
4Cheese and Bacon Croissant₱135330 Cal
5Sausage Croissant₱130570 Cal
6Mushroom, Cheese & Egg Pie₱145375 Cal
7Dark Chocolate Cake₱150550 Cal
8Blueberry Cheesecake₱170495 Cal
9Oreo Cheesecake₱170378 Cal
10Cheesy Chicken Pesto Wrap₱175530 Cal
11Ensaymada₱75170 Cal
12Double Chocolate Brownie₱75500 Cal
McDonald’s McCafe Menu Pastries Mc Cafe Price

Mccafe Smoothies Menu

McCafe Smoothies Menu offers a refreshing variety of fruity beverages in small, regular, and large sizes, priced between Php140 to Php170. With options like Dalandan, Strawberry, Mango Pineapple, and Strawberry Banana, it provides a deliciously cool treat for any time of day.

NoItemPrice (₱)CaloriesSize
1Dalandan Smoothie Small₱14040 CalSmall
2Dalandan Smoothie Regular₱15590 CalRegular
3Dalandan Smoothie Large₱170190 CalLarge
4Strawberry Smoothie Small₱140190 CalSmall
5Strawberry Smoothie Regular₱155240 CalRegular
6Strawberry Smoothie Large₱170330 CalLarge
7Mango Pineapple Smoothie₱140200 CalSmall
8Mango Pineapple Smoothie₱155250 CalRegular
9Mango Pineapple Smoothie₱170340 CalLarge
McDonald’s McCafe Menu Smoothies

Mccafe Teas Menu

Mccafe teas menu has a delightful range of teas including flavoured tea jasmine, Tea peppermint, or classic hot black tea. Along with the hot tea, you can also enjoy the Blend ice tea or regular iced tea each comes with its own soothing flavour and aroma. 

NoItemPrice (₱)CaloriesSize
1Flavored Tea Jasmine₱950 Cal
2Flavored Tea Peppermint₱950 Cal
3Black Tea₱951 Cal
4McCafe House Blend Iced Tea Small₱1100 CalSmall
5Iced Tea Regular₱12590 CalRegular
6Iced Tea Large₱140160 CalLarge
McDonald’s McCafe Menu Teas

Nutrition Table for McCafe Menu

The McCafe Nutrition table provides you with a detailed overview of the calories, total carbs, total fat, and protein content across various beverages, providing valuable information for individuals making informed choices based on their dietary preferences and nutritional needs. 

BeverageSizeCaloriesTotal FatTotal CarbsProtein
Iced CoffeeSmall1405g24g2g
Iced CoffeeMedium1906g32g2g
Iced CoffeeLarge2609g45g3g
Mocha LatteSmall2909g45g8g
Mocha LatteMedium38012g57g10g
Mocha LatteLarge47016g70g13g
Premium RoastSmall50g1g0g
Premium RoastMedium100g1g1g
Premium RoastLarge100g2g1g
Caramel MacchSmall2005g33g7g
Caramel MacchMedium2406g41g8g
Caramel MacchLarge3609g59g12g
Iced MochaSmall28010g39g7g
Iced MochaMedium32011g48g8g
Iced MochaLarge45015g69g11g
French Vanil.Small1505g25g1g
French Vanil.Medium2006g33g2g
French Vanil.Large2808g49g2g
Caramel FrappSmall42017g60g7g
Caramel FrappMedium49020g70g8g
Caramel FrappLarge65026g94g11g
McDonald’s McCafe Menu Nutrition Table

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In McCafe Menu You can enjoy McDonald’s coffee in the Philippines in the price range of the lowest of ₱95- ₱145 at any nearby restaurant. 

Macdonald’s claims to serve high-quality coffee which is mainly sourced from the Arab grown in the rainforest of Alliance farms, which are 100% premium quality. 

In McCafe Menu the Mocha Frappe coffee in actuality is a cold drink that is mainly a blend of coffee and ice with whipped cream topping and chocolate drizzle on it. The small cup of Mocha has 40 calories in it. 

No doubt McDonald’s is famous for their coffee and it mostly serves coffee throughout the day. In most of the locations of the Philippines, it stays open 24 hrs and sells its coffee in all duration. 

Mcdo Frappe is a cold drink that is a blend of iced espresso coffee, milk, and chocolate syrup. The flavours vary depending on your choice a small cup of frappe has 250 calories in it. 


McCafe Menu offers an array of affordable products having a wide selection of coffee, iced coffee, drinks, pastries, and other savoury breakfast options.

You can have Sausage, Muffines & egg Desayuno on the McDonald’s breakfast menu. In the classic ambience, you can enjoy Blueberry cheesecake, frappe, and premium hot chocolate it could be your favourite spot to start a day in the Philippines.

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