McDonald Americano

McDonald Americano is a delightful coffee On Mcdo Menu. You can experience this exceptional coffee at your nearby McCafe store. This Americano has a more pungent taste and a high-quality offer almost near the intensity of the expresso. As compared to expresso, the Americano is made smoother with hot water. It has a bold and smooth balance, making it a love for intense coffee lovers without any sharp taste like expresso. 

This McDonald Americano coffee is made with special care and love, which you will feel in every sip. The making process is also very sophisticated, starting with selecting premium-quality coffee beans, which helps to make it perfect. Then, hot water is added to create a balance in this enjoyable coffee, resulting in a unique coffee that can be enjoyed anytime.

McDonald Americano

McDonald Americano Price

McDonald’s Americano Price varies according to the size. The small Americano price is ₱ 120, the medium price is ₱ 135, and the large Americano price is ₱ 150. 

McCafé Americano
McCafé Americano

If you are searching for something for a morning boost or an afternoon comforting drink with your friends, America must be your choice. The price is reasonable and will not burden your pocket in 0 Calories. 

McCafe Americano Nutrients Details

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Calories8 Cal
Total fat 0%
Total Sugar1g
Saturated fat  0 g
Total carbs 1%(DV)
Cholesterol 8 mg2%(DV)
Sodium5 mg
Calcium2 mg
Potassium152 mg
Iron 0 g
Protein 1 g
McDonald Americano Nutrients

Mcdonald Americano Ingredients

McDonald’s and other fast food chains do not disclose their secret ingredients. Although we must share approximately similar ingredients with you, let’s uncover them. 

1Expresso Coffe Beans (100% Arabic Beans)
2Hot Water
McDonald Americano Ingredients

Mcdonald’s Americano Recipe

Mcdonald American recipe is simple, just like other coffee, but some tips are here that make it different from others.

  • Selection of coffee beans(100% arabica coffee beans)
  • Heat the water at optimum temperature
  • Pour hot water into the coffee mug or cup with expresso coffee 
  • Stir gently to blend them evenly 
  • Immediately serve the hot coffee and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can not say anything better as it depends on personal taste, but Americano is a little bit stronger than regular coffee. 

The americano is translated to American coffee in Italian. It is named after two theories or beliefs: 1st is a widespread belief, and the second is of Central American origin. 

This is a strong coffee, which has 1 ratio expresso and 3 ratio water. It is perfect for a hectic day or an energetic morning. 

Americano is a bold coffee that is perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea. It is made with premium coffee beans and a bot water blend.

Mcdonald’s Customer Service


For now, coffee is a daily drink, and everyone loves to sip it to start the morning. McDonald’s Americano is one of the best-selling coffees. It is made with premium coffee beans and hot water blended in a specific ratio, which gives it a strong flavour. People love to have it, and the price will not break your pocket. 

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