Mcdonald Cappuccino

Mcdonald Cappuccino is a delightful drink you can get at McCafe to start your morning. This is made with expresso (100% Arabica beans) and is well known for its Robus favourites. Strong coffee is the base, and creamy textured milk is added on top, giving a solid kick to your day. 

The thing that makes the cappuccino special is the solid expresso base and the frothy creamy milk layer. The strong expresso and sweet, frothy milk with a foamy texture make your drink’s every sip memorable. You can easily order it from your McDo app or enjoy it with your friends and family at the store.

Mcdonald Cappuccino

Mcdonald Cappuccino Price

The cappuccino at McDonald’s costs PH 130, which is affordable for your daily routine. Every sip kicks you to start your hectic day. The cappuccino has around 190, which is perfect for your breakfast combo. 

The price of this cappuccino makes it an affordable option for those looking for classic, rice, and creamy, strong coffee. Enjoy your coffee with your buddies who love to have every single sip with you without breaking your wallet. To check the most recent price, use your mobile app and order!!


Mcdonald’s Cappuccino Ingredients

NoFreshly steamed milk
1Expresso (100% arabica beans)
2Fresh steamed milk
3Milk foam
Mcdonald Cappuccino Ingredients

Mcdonald Cappuccino Nutritional Details

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Calories119 Cal
Total fat 6 g
Total Sugar11 g
Saturated fat 5 g
Total carbs12 g
Cholesterol15 mg
Sodium 115 mg
Potassium 336 mg
Vitamin A33μg RE
Calcium 175mg
Iron4 mg
Protein 15 g
Mcdonald Cappuccino Nutrients

Mcdonald Cappuccino Recipe

McDonald’s does not disclose its secret recipe for products. I have a somewhat similar recipe for Cappuccino that you can enjoy at home. Let’s uncover it!

  • Make the expresso, but make sure it is strong. You can make it by using a machine or stovetop expresso maker
  • Pour the milk into foam in a frother, or if you use a saucepan, then use a frother to make it foamy. 
  •  Pour the expresso into a coffee mug or cup and now add the frother milk slowly 
  • You can now add flavouring like caramel or vanilla, which are common choices.
  • Serve it immediately to enjoy the perfect taste, like McDonald’s, in every sip!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In Cappuccino and latte, the stronger one is cappuccino, which is made with less milk, and latte is made from soft, creamy, mild coffee. 

Cappuccino and latte are made from the base of expresso coffee, but they are made in different ways, which is the crucial difference between them. 

The main ingredients in cappuccino are expresso coffee, milk, sugar, and flavouring like caramel or vanilla. 

It is made just like other coffee: expresso is prepared, then milk is frothed, and then flavouring is added after carefully mixing the expresso and dairy. 


Cappuccino McDonalds is one of the most potent coffee drinks that many people love. It is made from the base of expresso, and then frothed milk is slowly added to it, which gives it a strong flavour.

After that, you can add any of your favorite flavorings as a topping, like caramel or vanilla syrup. This special shot is affordable, and you can enjoy it without burning your wallet. Order it now from your nearby McCafe store using the McDo App. 

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