McDonald Hotcakes 2024

Craving for freshly made Hotpancakes, try the McDonald Hotcakes, which comes in just ₱120. At Mcdonald’s Menu Ph You can enjoy 3 golden brown hotcakes that have 580 calories, which are enough to start a hectic day.

McDonald Hotcakes

McDonald Hotcakes Calories & Nutrition Table

The breakfast meal of hotcakes has 3 pc in it but a single hotcake calorie is 91Cal and a full meal has around 580 calories. Further nutritional details of carbs are given below. 

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Calories91 Cal
Total fat 3.9 g5%
Saturated fat 0.9 g4%
Total carbs 35g11%
Cholesterol 24mg8%
Sodium 176mg8%
Vitamin A 205mcg23%
Calcium 88mg7%
Iron 0.7 mg4%
Protein 2.6 g1%
Total Carbohydrates 11g4%
McDonald Hotcakes Nutrients

McDonald Hotcakes Ingredients

Are you craving something juicy and sweet, other than hotcakes is the best option for you at McDo for breakfast? Here is the ingredients list for Mcdo pancakes. 

2Wheat Flour
3Corn flour
6Soybean oil
7Whole egg
8Baking soda
McDonald Hotcakes Ingredient

HotCakes Recipe 

  1. Firslty prepare your all ingradient in which add 2 cup of All purpors flour,some sugar ,2 eggs, baing soda , salt, soya bean oil, syrup and butter. 
  2. Now take abig bowl and start adding ingredient in which first add 2 cup flour, craked to eggs, add some sugar according to taste, 2 tablespoon of soda, a pich of salt.
  3. Mix all the ingredients to make a homogenous mixture. Try to use a blender beater to make this mixture. 
  4. Make sure to stir everything properly. The eggs must be beaten well because they are the major ingredient in making the pancakes fluffy and soft. 
  5. Take a pan heat it by putting some oil on it. Make sure it must be heated evenly. The oil must be spreaed throughout the pan to avoid sticking,
  6. Now start adding the material make sure to put enough quantity to mkae a round pancake. 
  7. One it is done from both side put it off in a plate and spread some sugar syrup and butter on it for the topping.
  8.  Now make all the cakes from remaing ingradient and enjoy your own home make pancakes just like McDonald’s at you home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A single piece of Hotcake has 91Cal and a full meal has around 580 cal.

McDonald Hotcakes serves three hotcakes in a single order, a satisfying portion according to my experince.

Its all depnds on the location and area usually you can get the breakfast items like pancakes from the time of opening 10.30 am or 

There are around 1340 calories in big breakfast with hotcakes which has price almost PH: 154. 


To kickstart your morning, nothing is better than McDonald’s Hotcakes, which are packed with 580 calories, enough to fuel your healthy start. Made with simple ingredients enriched with egg protein and wheat flour, they’re a super yummy and delicious breakfast choice for anyone looking for a sweet treat.

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