Mcdonald’s Burger Menu Prices Philippines Updated 2024

Mcdonald’s burger menu prices are amazingly budget-friendly and come in a wide range of satisfying tastes. You can easily customize the burger according to the taste you love. Enjoy the Mcdo burger, with crispy golden fries and a chilled glass of cold drink. 

Mcdo Menu offers a wide range of satisfying dining experiences. It caters the varying preferences including the solo and generously combo size meal options.

Mcdonald's Burger Menu

Mcdonald’s Burger Menu Prices

Mcdonald’s Burger Menu offers you the best Mcdo burger prices according to your taste whether you are searching for the timeless taste of a cheeseburger or some amazing experience of McSpicy get everything freshly cooked without breaking the bank.

My Top 3 Picks Mcdo Burger Meal – Mcdo Burger Price Philippines

The Mcdo Burger Menu Philippines has everything to boose your taste buds, but I like a few of them the most especially their McSpicy and cheeseburger which is liked by millions throughout the world. Still here are the top 3 picks in the McDonald’s burger menu for you. 

  • McSpicy
  • Cheeseburger
  • Quarter pounder with cheese


In the McDonald’s burger menu for a spicy kick in fast food, you must try the MacDonald’s MC spicy. It will give an amazing spicy kick to your taste buds. Expertly breaded, seasoned chicken fillet gives a crispy and crunchy touch in every single bit you take. 

Creamy mayonnaise, crispy lettuce, and seasoned bun balanced the chicken heat. McSpicy is now becoming a popular item in the McDonald’s Philippines menu in 2024 due to the 


If you want something timeless classic then Mcdo cheeseburger comes to mind first which carters the hearts of millions of people worldwide. It is Nestled between season seed soft buns, with all beef patty, grilled with perfection.   

Freshly shopped lettuce, tangly pickled, and chopped onion served along is signature. Special McDonald’s ketchup and garlic sauce enhanced the flavour. Its affordability made it a staple of McDonald’s burger menu. 

Quarter Pounder with Cheese:

If you want to try something savoury with satisfying classic flavour then a quarter pounder with cheese perfect choice in McDonald’s burger menu. This iconic burger is made with a perfectly seasoned bun, 100% pure beef patty, and grilled on flame for distinctive flavour. 

This Mcdo quarter pounder comes with freshly chopped lettuce, onion, a dollop of mustard and ketchup, and last but not least the pickle makes it a hearty appetite. 

Mcdo Cheeseburger Price – Mcdo Burger Calories

If you want something classic at Macdonald’s then a Mcdo cheeseburger is something you would go with. They are so budget friendly that everyone in the philippine loves to eat. The price range starts from ₱96 to  ₱ 199.

No.Item DescriptionPriceCalories
1Cheeseburger (Small)₱100.00303 Cal
2Cheeseburger (Medium)₱120.00490 Cal
3Cheeseburger (Large Meal)₱199.001080 Cal
4Cheeseburger Deluxe (Small)₱124.00560 Cal
5Cheeseburger Deluxe (Medium Meal)₱150.00740 Cal
6Cheesy Burger McDo Price (Small)₱96.00250 Cal
7Cheesy Burger McDo (Medium)₱116.00300 Cal
8Cheesy Burger McDo (Medium Meal)₱160.00380 Cal
Mcdonald’s Burger Menu

Mcdonald’s Quarter Pounder Menu:

Macdonald’s quarter pounder has become the hearty selection at MCDO philippine in the 2023 menu. Their price range simply starts with ₱173 to ₱352  which is quite budget-friendly for everyone.

No.Item DescriptionPriceCalories
1Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Small)₱173.00244 Cal
2Quarter Pounder (Medium Meal)₱267.001050 Cal
3Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, Lettuce, & Tomatoes Meal₱271.00630 Cal
4Double Quarter Pounder – Solo Burger₱242.00740 Cal
5Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese & Fries (Small meal)₱299.00780 Cal
6Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese & Fries (Medium Meal)₱327.001260 Cal
7Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese & Fries (Large Meal)₱352.001500 Cal
Mcdonald’s Burger Menu

Mcdonald’s Burger Price Menu

Macdonald’s burger menu has an amazingly diverse range with the most satisfying taste. You can easily avail and customize the burger at their restaurant and the price range is so budget friendly starting from just ₱ 124 that everyone can easily afford it for their lunch or dinner. 

No.Item DescriptionPriceCalories
1Cheeseburger Deluxe Meal₱179.00560 Cal
2BigMac – Solo Burger₱179.00540 Cal
3Chicken Burger Mcdo Price – Solo burger₱124.00272 Cal
4McChicken (Medium) [7]₱166.00400 Cal
5Big Mac Price Philippines with Fries (Medium Meal)₱273.001120 Cal
6Big Mac with Fries (Large Meal)₱296.002000 Cal
7Big Mac with Twister Fries (Large Meal)₱296.001120 Cal
8McSpicy Meal₱162.00541 Cal
9Double McChicken – Solo₱142.00506 Cal
10Double McChicken (Medium Meal)₱273.00550 Cal
11Double McChicken (Large Meal)₱248.00712 Cal
12MrCrispy Chicken Sandwich₱171321 Cal
13McChicken Sandwich₱218383 Cal
Mcdonald’s Burger Menu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The simple Mcdonald’s burger menu meal in the Philippines string from ₱ 124. You can easily avail it at their restaurant or enjoy it by ordering online. 

Macdonald’s claims that every pattie is made from 100% halal beef meat which has no additive preservative or flavor enhancement. 

The size of the burger very with the selection but it still depends on the single patty is 4 inches before cooking and the bun size is 4 inches, Big Mac is filled with double patties 1.6 oz, and other sauces, and the same with the quarter pounder. 

The cheeseburgers come in different sizes and with meal options that are small and medium hence the prices vary:

  • Cheeseburger Mcdo small ₱100
  • Cheeseburger Mcdo Medium ₱120
  • Cheeseburger meal ₱199

The burger Mcdo is a como or freshly baled 100% pure beef patty which is seasoned with a pinch of salt and paper, covered with a slice of American cheese topped with mustard, ketchup, chopped onion, and tangy pickle. 

The cheeseburger is believed to have originated in 1924 when Lionel Sternberger, working at his father’s Pasadena, California, sandwich shop, added slices of cheese to a hamburger. This creative addition was well-received and marked the birth of the iconic cheeseburger, a beloved classic that has since become a staple in the world of fast food and beyond.

In the Philippines, McDonald’s offers a popular menu item called the McBurger Steak or Mcdo burger steak. This savoury dish features a ground beef patty covered in rich mushroom gravy and served with steamed white rice.


McDonald’s burger menu offers an enjoyable array of options, from the classic Cheeseburger to the savoury Quarter Pounder with Cheese, all at budget-friendly prices. Customize your meal to your heart’s content and savour every bite with crispy fries and a refreshing drink.

Whether it’s the timeless taste of the Cheeseburger or the spicy kick of the McSpicy, McDonald’s has something to satisfy every craving without breaking the bank.

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