McDonalds Oatmeal 2024

McDonalds Oatmeal is made with maple and fruits. It is prepared with the ingredients, including a full serving of oatmeal, brown sugar, milk, Green and red apple slices, cranberry raisins, and light cream. 

If you have a healthy and sweet breakfast then this McDonald’s maple and fruit oatmeal must be your choice on the menu. It has 320 caloires and 64 grams of carbs which are enough to keep your body healthy in the morning time. You can just place your order and enjoy it at any nearby McDonald’s shop with an excellent ambience.

McDonald's  Oatmeal

McDonalds Oatmeal Price

The price of this McDonalds Oatmeal at Mcdo is not much compared to the nutrition it provides. You can have this full of good carbs and calories oatmeal bowl for just ₱230.63. It is not pretty much in your pocket. So you can enjoy your morning meal with this super nutritional breakfast at Mcdonald’s Philippines shop in the breakfast hours. 

McDonald’s Philippines is usually open from 6 A.m. to 10 a.m. You can order breakfast from the Mcdo Breakfast hashbrowns and side menu. Choose this and enjoy your healthy breakfast before office hours.  

Mcdonalds Fruit & Maple Oatmeal Ingredients

The oatmeal breakfast at McDonald’s does not have many secret ingredients, so you can have them in your kitchen. So, let’s read the table below to uncover this super tasty oatmeal at McDo.

1OatmealWater, Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Brown Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Salt, Natural Flavor, Barley Malt Extract, Caramel Color.
2Diced ApplesApples, Calcium Ascorbate
3Cranberry Raisin BlendSweetened Dried Cranberries (sugar, Cranberries), Golden Raisins, Sunflower Oil,  California Raisins,, Sulfur Dioxide As A Preservative (contains Sulfites).
4Light CreamMilk, Cream, Sodium Phosphate, Datem, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Sodium Citrate, Carrageenan, Magnesium Oxide.
McDonalds Oatmeal Ingredients

Mcdonalds Oatmeal Recipe

Though Mcdonald’s did not disclose its recipes, you can try to make a similar version of this at home. So let’s read the recipe below and try to make a similar oatmeal bowl like Mcdo:


Take the rolled oatmeal, boil it

  • Add a little milk and brown sugar to it as per your taste.
  • Add some chopped Green and red apples to this.
  • Add some Cranberry Raisin Blend to it.
  • And here, your bowl of oatmeal full of healthy nutrients is complete
  • You can add the light cream on it

Nutritional Details

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Calories320 Cal
Total fat 4.5 g6%
Total Sugar31g
Saturated fat 1.5g8%
Total carbs 64g23%
Cholesterol 5mg2%
Sodium 150mg7%
Potassium 330mg8%
Vitamin D0%
Calcium 80mg6%
Iron 2mg10%
Protein 6g
Dietary Fibers 4g16%
McDonalds Oatmeal Nutritional Details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

is McDonald’s oatmeal gluten-free?

It is not sure or certified that McDonald’s oatmeal is Gluten-free. It may be possible that oatmeal gets contaminated during preparation with gluten. Do not use McDonald’s oatmeal if you are allergic to gluten in such cases.

How many carbs are in McDonald’s oatmeal?

There are around 42.7 grams of carbs in 1 cup of McDonalds oatmeal. 

How many calories are in McDonald’s oatmeal?

This Mdonalds oatmeal is loaded with red and green apples containing 320 Cal calories in it. With some cranberry resins this becomes a hearty and wholesome breakfast for everyone. 

Is oatmeal from McDonald’s healthy?

If you are fine with saturated fats and cholesterol which is in the cream used in oatmeal. Then this is one of the healthy meals for you in breakfast.

Is McDonald’s oatmeal good for diabetics?

The maple and fruit oatmeal at McDonald’s has low sugar so it can be good for diabetics people. 

What kind of oatmeal does McDonald’s use?

McDonald’s uses the brown sugar oatmeal in their maple and fruit oatmeal. 


McDonalds oatmeal is one of the hearty and wholesome breakfasts for sweet lovers. This is a combination of oats, red and green apples, and cranberry raisins which give you extra energy in the morning. After adding milk and cream, it still has 320 calories which is good to keep you active in your morning routine.

You can avail of this breakfast for just ₱230.63, which is not at all a burden on your pocket. Easily avail of this breakfast at your nearby McDo shop or order it from their app. Keep in mind that it is only available in the morning from 6 am to 10 am according to McDonald’s Philippines timing.

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