McDonald’s Spaghetti Prices 2024

McDonald’s Menu introduced something special called McDonald’s Spaghetti in the 1970s. Normally, it was made with regular spaghetti, pasta, meatballs, sauce, and a lot of cheese. Though it was stopped in most locations, it is still the best-selling item in the Philippines.  

McDonald's Spaghetti

McDonald’s Spaghetti Price

The MC Spaghetti price at McDo menu price is quite reasonable. You can go for a satisfying meal option. You can easily choose from options like McSpaghetti Solo for just ₱75 or McSpaghetti w/ Fries Medium Meal for ₱163. Undoubtedly, there is something for everyone to satisfy their appetite within a budget at McDo Spaghetti Philippines.

McDonald's Spaghetti
McDonald’s Spaghetti Menu

McDonald’s Spaghetti Calories & Price Table

The table below shows the calories and spaghetti mcdo price of Mcdonalds Spaghetti. It is easy to see how the calories vary along with the cost. 

Mcdonald Spaghetti Menu
Sr NoMenu ItemsPricesCalories
1McSpaghetti w/ Fries Medium Meal₱163564 Cal
2McSpaghetti w/ Fries Large Meal₱188584 Cal
3McSpaghetti w/ Fries Small Meal₱135380 Cal
4McSpaghetti w/ Burger McDo Medium Meal₱142334 Cal
5McSpaghetti w/ Burger McDo Large Meal₱147420 Cal
6McSpaghetti w/ Burger McDo Small Meal₱132301 Cal
71-pc. Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti Medium Meal₱236
81-pc. Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Fries Large Meal₱276
91-pc. Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Fries Small Meal₱195
101-pc. Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti Solo₱155
11McSpaghetti Solo₱75
McDonald’s Spaghetti Menu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

McSpaghetti is a classic dish in the Philippines, and one more location is Orlando, Florida. But it is discontinued in the US. 

McSpadhetti is not discontinued in the Philippines although it is McDonald’s US has stopped making them. 

McDonald’s Menu Spaghetti Philippines is served with sauce and meatballs along with fried chicken. 

This meal includes a piece of Spicy Chicken McDo, a serving of McSpaghetti, and garlic bread, all for approximately ₱18.

They offer a popular menu item called McSpaghetti, which is their version of spaghetti featuring tomato sauce, cheese, and either ground beef or hot dog slices.


Even Though McSpaghetti is not sold in most places, you can still enjoy it in McDonald’s Menu Spaghetti Philippine in Orlando, Florida, as People love to eat Spaghetti there. Moreover, you can enjoy various combos in different sizes.

So, whether you’re craving a big Meal for ₱163 or the McSpaghetti Solo for only ₱75, choose it from the menu and enjoy your meal. 

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