McDonald’s Strawberry Smoothie

McDonald’s Strawberry smoothie is a refreshing drink in the hot summer. This delightful treat will surely delight your taste buds, and the strawberry gives it an extra boost to its flavour. You can quickly get it from any McDonald’s store in your location. In each sip, you will feel the natural goodness of fresh strawberries, complementing the milk and ice, making it an ideal drink in the warmth of summer. 

This smoothie achieves its fluff from the excellent blend of ice, strawberries, sugar, and milk. You will also feel the small chunk of strawberries, enhancing your drinking experience. Whether you like smoothies or are a fan of strawberries, those delicious beverages must be tried. So please take advantage of it at your nearby McDonald’s store and enjoy it with your family!

Strawberry Smoothie

Mcdonald’s Strawberry Smoothie Price

McDonald’s strawberry smoothie price varies according to the size. You can have two sizes of this McDo smoothie: the regular one in PH 120 with calories 201 Cal and large in PH 130 with calories 230. You can enjoy this sweet treat for breakfast and grab it from any McCafe or McDonald’s store near your location. So enjoy this tasty drink by ordering it now from their App and enjoy! 

Strawberry Smoothie

Mcdonald’s Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients

This delicious smoothie has a strawberry, sugar, milk/yoghurt, and ice blend. The blend of these ingredients gives a perfect fluffy and smooth smoothie, and the little chunk of strawberry makes this drink a love. If you want to give it a try at home, then here is the secret ingredient that McDonald’s uses.

6Concentrated apple juice
8Citric acid

Note: People who might have any allergic reaction to milk can use yoghurt instead.

Mcdonald’s Strawberry Smoothie Calories & Nutrients Table

McDonald’s smoothies are primarily served on the breakfast menu, but you can also get them 24 hours a day from McCafe. Here are the details of the Nutrients single-serving smoothies so you can manage your diet accordingly. 

NutrientsAmount per Serving
Calories201 Cal
Total fat 1 g
Total Sugar16 g
Saturated fat 1 g
Total carbs47 g
Cholesterol3 mg
Sodium 75 mg
Potassium 35 mg
Vitamin A2μg RE
Calcium 81 mg
Iron3 mg
Protein 2 g
Dietary Fibers 5 g

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Monthly, the McDonald’s strawberry banana smoothies are made of low fast yogurt and cream with a blend of ice and sugar. 

The americano is translated to American coffee in Italian. It is named after two theories or beliefs: 1st is a widespread belief, and the second is of Central American origin. 

McDonald’s has 240 cal and 42 g net carb in medium-size smoothies. 

The McDonald’s berry smoothie is a blend of sugar, blueberry puree, water, strawberry puree, pomegranate juice concentrate, raspberry puree, xanthan gum, citric acid, lemon juice concentrate, and natural flavors.


If you like smoothies in your daily diet, then McDonald’s strawberry smoothies seem to be a perfect option for you. You can grab them from any nearby McCafe store. They do not cost you much; you can get them for just PH 120 in small size and PH 130 in medium size. They are mostly enjoyed inkorening breakfast due to their healthy ingredients, but you can enjoy them any time you want by just placing an order.

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